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As 2013 gets into full gear, Creative Quince is looking forward to warmer weather and exciting future endeavors. As many of you can tell from the new website and the abundance of feather crafts, what began as merely an exploration has turned into a personal passion with a purpose.

Throughout the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and learn from a number of talented, driven artists and crafters in the Seattle area who have harnessed their creative power for positive change. As my personal vision for what Creative Quince can and should be expanded, their encouragement and support has persuaded me to carry out phase 2: getting my feet wet as a crafter and using my talent to support a local nonprofit (in this case, Zazu’s House Bird Sanctuary).

Never fear! Meeting new artists and sharing their stories will continue to be integral to this blog. I could not hope to be successful without the guidance and inspiration that comes from building bridges in the local craft community. But you might expect more stories and posts relating to my own creative endeavors toward crafting for a cause thrown in as well.

As always, your thoughts, advice, questions, criticisms, and witty comments are always welcomed and encouraged. This is a new journey for me, both as a crafter, and as an individual with a heart for making the world a better, more beautiful place.

Until next time… Keep it Quincey 😉


Quincey: The energizer bunny’s feathered cousin, a shameless cuddle monster, and the inspiration for Creative Quince

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